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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Code: Measured Up

To Code: A Guide to Being A Better Gentleman 

OK gents, do you know your sizes, like your actual measured sizes? Not medium, large, etc., etc. but your shirt sleeve length, neck, inseam, coat size, and true waist.

When I realized that I didn't fit into the average sized shirt because of my monkey arms, I got measured and stopped buying shirts in the top three ( M, L, XL). I checked it once, check it twice, then I wrote it down to someplace safe. Next time I went to the mens store I didn't have to go, " large'ish," I told the sales rep like a rock star what I needed in inches. Wearing the right size just clean everything up and your a little bit smarter knowing your digits.

Here's another good tip, when I hit the thrift store I actually carry a tape measure with me to check what I pick out before even trying on. Often times I weed out more than half the stuff I picked because it doesn't measure up. Then in the dressing room, I can hope for at least one perfect fit, then dropped the what I keep off at alterations for some thrift store tweaking. It feels silly at first, but after a while you end up with more takers in the dressing room than duds.

Wanna spice up the measuring process? Get help from your lady, you both can take turns measuring each other. I'll let you decided how that ends.

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  1. Your blog is interesting and can be helpful to younger gentleman. I am 40 and have my fair share of suits, ties, and the like for my career. I would advise any younger gentleman to go to a men's store that sells suits or consult with a tailor so that you can get your correct "true to measure" sizes in shirts, suits, and trousers. Pay special attention to inseam length and neck sizes so as not to look "untailored" but more "fitted". You should wear the clothes, not the clothes wearing you (i.e. proportion).
    The tape measure advice is very helpful as well.
    No matter your style, every man should have a well-fitted suit, know how to properly tie a tie (bowties, extra points), have a few dress shirts, a tie, and some dress shoes with leather soles.

    1. Thanks for the comment C.L., I think you make a great point here. Most men's stores are more than happy to help with simple things like measuring sizes. Most if I'm not mistaking will keep your sizes on file for when you buy clothing from them they already know your fit.

      Your other advice is spot on!