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Monday, January 21, 2013

New feature... Second Look

For some time I've been wanting to add posts with multiple looks from images I've taken over the years (2.5 of them now) example - Look how people are wearing the same shoes in the same color in both the South and NYC two years apart.

I'm calling this "Second Look."

The only down side is, (of course) an other fairly well known street style blogger already started this similar concept. I only have 2 years of photos to pull from unlike his 8, so I haven't felt I had enough photos to do it with until now.

Aside the fact that he beat me too the punch, I'm not letting what may some may see as a stream of un-originality stop me from sharing great posts and style inspirations to you. Mine has a different name anyways, so :-P to you Scott Schuman... I mean, blogger I shall not name.

Check out the first "Second Look" post here. 

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