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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Code: Bearded Business

 To Code: A Guide to Being A Better Gentleman

I'm excited to have To Code back! I have a lot of them lined up for you this year, expect a new one 2-4 times a month.

Now on to the ever so hip beard. 10 years ago it was the goatee, now its mustaches and full beards.

I have nothing against beards, I grew up in a small Southern rural city in the mountains, beards are normal. Thing is, these "mans-men" kept their beards in check! Some are thick, some are long, some are short, but not often out of control.

If your beard looks like a used Brillo pad its time to trim it up. Even if you're trying to grow it out, at no point should your face look like your armpit hair got confused and started growing in the wrong place.

Clip your whiskers to an even layered pelt followed by a gentle brushing every couple days. Point black - The End.

Your friends, girlfriend, or wife will no longer be embarrassed to been seen in public with. They will also finally stop telling everyone you're auditioning for a movie role as a member of al-Qaeda, or having issues with a over productive pituitary glad.  

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  1. I can relate to this one because my husband is a full bearded guy. The only exception is that, even if my man doesn't trim his beard he is not a bad looking guy.

  2. Shirley,

    I totally agree, beards don't make a guy look bad at all. I defiantly think some men have an easier time growing in a fuller beard, so if its not trimmed it doesn't look Gross.