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Thursday, May 16, 2013

To Code: Be a Under Cover "V-Tee" Man

To Code: A Guide to Being A Better Gentleman

If you're like me, a undershirt is as much of a protective layer as it is a second shirt. If I didn't wear an undershirt, my dress shirts would be ruined in a matter of weeks, my bank account wouldn't like that at all.

I have a few crew neck, white undershirts, but when I plan to go tieless with my collared shirts, I always wear a v-neck tee. The Air Force required us to wear V-necks when we wore our dress blues without a tie, and there was something cleaner about the look.

If you plan to go wear couple buttons undone with your polo or dress shirt, get a v-neck tee to wear underneath. For some reason the collar of a crew neck shirt draws so much attention to that area, it breaks up your outfit in a bad way. The V-neck gets rid of that entirely so all you see is a bit of chest and the shirt you intended to be visible to the public.

A V-neck does open up a bit more chest hair to be visible, and how much you want popping out; well that's a totally separate conversation.

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