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Friday, September 6, 2013

To Code: Teeth Bleaching

To Code: A Guide to Being A Better Gentleman 

Our smile is probably one of the most noticeable attributes of our face. It might be a bit more time consuming then just brushing, but getting whiter teeth can easily be added to anyones dental maintenance routine.

You might ask, why should I care about having white teeth? Well, at the end of the day it's really not that big of a deal, I'm not going to stop being someones friend just because their teeth aren't as white as the snow. However, whiter teeth will make you look younger and for those with teeth that aren't perfectly straight (like me), whiter teeth do a good job at hiding smile imperfections.

If you haven't bleached your teeth before but have considered it, just go for it! It's not something you have to do weekly. I make a point to bleach my teeth about every 2-3 years.There our several methods to achieving a whiter smile, It all comes down to what you're willing to spend on the process.

Just remember, teeth are apart of our bodies, and our bodies are uniquely ours. Sometimes stress and other factors during our growing years can cause dark spots, curves, even differences in color from tooth to tooth. We're just trying to get rid of some of the yellow from "dental abuse," anything else going on in the mouth department is just one more thing that makes us all different, and ultimately one of a kind.

Read below for my suggestions for teeth bleaching opinions.


- Whitening strips - I don't like teeth whitening strips, they feel funny and slip all in my mouth. Whitening toothpaste is more for maintenance after a proper bleaching, not full on color reversal. I'm also not a fan of the teeth whitening kiosks at malls. Not because they can't do the job, I just think some things shouldn't be done at malls. Here my best suggestions.

- Professional whitening by a dentist! It will run you about $150 according to my last quote, but your dentist will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. They can also target trouble stains caused by years of smoking, soda or coffee drinking.

- Custom trays and professional grad bleach - This opinion is again, started by the dentist then the rest is D.I.Y. You get your custom teeth trays made by your tooth-doc, and a couple packs of whitening gel and detailed instructions how to do it. Again, this is a more expessive opition, but it gives you the flexibility to take your time getting to that optimal shade of white. This opinion will likely still run you about $100 or so.

Lastly and my personal favorite, Angel's $8 D.I.Y. Teeth Bleaching kit. I'm notorious for being cheap frugal, so I don't worry about going overboard on something I know works.

* Grab you two basic athletic mount guards, one for the top teeth and one of the bottom teeth. Don't bother with the double thick models, the standard adult size will work best. 

* Head over to toothpaste isle and look for a tube of Teeth whitening gel. Mold one mouth guard for the top teeth, and the other for your bottom set, just like you did for little league football. 

* Once youre guards are finished and formed, squeeze in just enough gel so to cover your teeth. It might take a bit of practice so not to over fill, bleaching gel doesn't feel good when it tries to bleach out your gums.

* Leave guards in your mouth for 15-20 mintues once to twice a day for about two weeks. Add another week if you think you can get that extra shade in with a little more patience. 

After you get to a happy white-place, use a whitening toothpaste to maintain your newly whitened smile. Don't worry about bleaching again until after you're next annual teeth cleaning when you're smile is squeaky clean; primed for a whitening-touch up.


(Disclaimer: Angel's Point of View or anyone affiliated with this site is in no way suggesting to drink bleach as depicted in the illustration as a healthy or safe means of whitening teeth. If you do consume bleach, seek immediate medical attention, dial 911 or contact the poison control office.)

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