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Friday, August 17, 2012

To Code: Camouflage and Fashion

To Code: A Guide to Being A Better Gentleman 

. After spending the better part of a decade wearing camo every single day in the  US Air Force, you'll only find me wearing a my camo rain jacket every now and then. This past season though, the runway has been cluttered with camouflage, some good, some bad.

I don't reprimand those who wear camo apart of their civilian wardrobe, I do however have a basic guideline to doing this right.

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- If the US armed forces are currently wearing said camouflage pattern, you should not. Opt for obsolete styles, the most recently retired pattern is the Woodland battle dress uniform. Everyone has gone digital (which is what they call the patterns now), or to MultiCam (a.k.a., badass camo that actually works). Prime example, this monstrously of a fashion statement. (The Navy doesn't even like them). Wear the vintage stuff, its cooler looking anyways.

- If you didn't earn them, don't wear them. Unless its a family hand me down from a Dad, Aunt, uncle, etc., take off the name tape, branch, patches, Ribbons or medals. Some Vets take that stuff pretty seriously, don't be disrespectful to them by having no connection to what those things symbolize.

- Take it to the tailor. Much of mens fashion can be rooted to military uniforms throughout history, and how they are worn and altered to fit doesn't fall to far from the status quo of modern fashion tailoring; slim and trim.

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